New blog site

This is my new blog site This blogger won’t allow me to post a direct connection to my new blog sorry, but it’s

I’m in Love, again

With a machine, isn’t he handsome?He does a lot of things also. He embroiders and he has wide feed dogs for stitching wide stitches. And he does many different ones and can even make up his own. And from all the talk he sews like a dream. Even though I would probably only be able [...]

I’m Backkkkk

I just read several posts I did from August and back but never published. I’m glad I didn’t. Haven’t been sewing much in the last year but my interest has picked up. A health diagnosis will do that. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  Doctor said loose weight and in the meantime take medicine [...]

Crooked Stitches

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. It was the holidays and then we lost our beautiful dog Nicky. I have a whole post about that to come later when I can bring myself to do it.  I haven’t done too much sewing. Every time you have a life changing event such as a [...]

Back to Dragons again

Well I was just minding my own business when I happened over to And for black Friday and ending today they were having a sale. Now this site is cool as is is a listing of hundreds of online quiltshops and you can search through all of them at once. So for the sale [...]

I survived Black Friday

…..barely. Oh I still went to see all the madness. But I didn’t participate. I mean really how much more flannel (Joann’s standard black Friday item) Do I need? I really didn’t need anything. Which was really a moot point, didn’t have money to spend on it anyway. But if I had would have brought [...]

Stitches, stitches and decisions

I think for a total of all my working sewing machines. I probably have total close to 800 stitches. I have ducks, dinosaurs, whales, hearts the the list goes on. Having a lot of decorative stitches on  sewing machines has always been sought after by sewing consumers. There are now machines out there that claim [...]

Halloween at Joanns

Boy had I forgotten how chaotic that store could be on Halloween.  I should I did work there for one season. Even though it was a while ago some things don’t change.  People who have never sewed in their lives are making that last minute costume for themselves or kids.When I worked there Power Rangers [...]

For my Daughter

I just finished a post that included my sister.  Then got to thinking about people in my life that have had a lot of impact on my sewing and realized I must do a post about my dear daughter, don’t worry hon won’t mention your by name lol. I really owe my return to my [...]

For my Sis

Well I ‘m sewing and that is a good thing.  I’m currently working on perfecting my button sewing on the machine since too painful by hand anymore and I think after all these years finally got it down pat. Which is good since my husband seems to lose a button a week.  Remember what I [...]